The Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum


Before you enter the Museum you are taken back by the beautiful detail and texture of the building itself. The building represents an old style century design and was huge in size. The Natural history Museum first struck me by how detailed the architecture was throughout the whole entire building. It resembled almost the inside of a church Cathedral. There were several amounts of detail on the walls. The windows were also placed as a church may have looked as well. I believe that churches are a big influence on the designs of buildings throughout the city of London itself. The arcs on the top of the ceiling were beautiful. London is known for its very detailed architecture buildings and designs. This is an example of the space of London and how its buildings are occupied in it. That is “Englishness” and a tradition of London. It was interesting to see the dinosaur bones they had there as you entered the building. This was interesting because it made the exhibit very impressive as I first walked into the building. There were several monuments of different historical people. The live robotic dinosaur exhibit was very interesting and different.

Inside each exhibit were different types of animals, mammals, and other creatures. What made each exhibit a little bit different from the museums in New York was that they all seem to have that architecture look to them because of the walls that are surrounding the exhibits. I feel that if the walls would have been plain or dull, that the exhibits would not have given me the same impression that they did with the detailing. It also was very interesting to see the different types of animals that they had on display.

The Museum itself was very busy. There were a lot of lines and people stopping to take pictures. The museum had many different people from all different places around the world. There were many different languages I heard throughout the exhibit. Since London is known for its diversity of bringing different people to its city, this museum would no doubt be a popular one. I believe that the tourist attraction to the Natural History Museum is part of London’s actual “Englishness”. I believe that it is a part of London’s “Englishness” because there are an unbelievable amount of monuments and sights to explore in London. The city is unlike any city’s I have seen. One thing I have noticed is that London preserves its older buildings. Even though this museum was not necessarily an older building, I believe that the design of the building was definitely influenced by the older ones. One thing I really enjoyed about the museum is watching so many different people together enjoying the history of our world. It doesn’t matter where they are from; everyone was interested in the same thing there. I’ve never been to museum where it was so diverse and cultured. I believe that the culture is another reason that really gave me a sense of Englishness in the museum.


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