The Docklands Museum

The Docklands Museum


The Dock Lands Museum was unlike any other museum I have ever gone to. One reason is because I’ve never been to a museum right outside the actual dock! I thought that was a really interesting and clever place to have a museum and it definitely drew my attention to it. I liked that when you first walk in, it just looks like a little gift and coffee shop, but as you walk upstairs it takes you to a huge exhibit. I really liked how the build this museum, it kept me very interested and wondering what was going to happen next. I really enjoyed walking through the exhibit were it displayed the old western times. It was in a dark cave looking exhibit and it actually felt like you were in that time. They also had a pub display where you could go in and look around. Everything about that exhibit was really creative and fun I really enjoyed it.

Some interesting facts related to “Englishness” were learning about the history of the London Eye. The London Eye weighs 2,100 tones, stands 135 meters high and it is history’s Largest Observation Wheel. Also it is 25 miles of London and south0east of England. Another interesting fact about it is that husband and wife, “David Mark and Julia Barfield”, created it. They created this as to mark the “passing of the millennium.” Another fact I saw in the museum was about ‘Thames boat”. It was about a tragic event in London history of a ship sinking and losing many peoples lives. There were 113 guests on the party and 51 of those guests lost their lives.

Another historic event that I found was an important part of history was the video of “Black Saturday”.  The video talked about how the London port was a quarter of the imports for London. But at 4:00pm the city of London was bombed by the Natiz. It stated that the fire from the bomb burned the city for five whole days. Also talked about how on September 19, 1914, the Prime Minister Whinstin Church saw the damage that was done to London. I think this tragic event was an important part of history because the bombs could not destroy London. I think when you hear the history and tragic stories and then see how London looks today, you can tell how much effort people put in to this internationally well known city.

I believe Englishness is seen through out this museum because it has a different aspect to how they portray the information within. I believe that the culture itself is seen through the different displays and stories. I believe that the different people and languages that come together to explore the museum give it a sense of Englishness. I feel the people in a space make up somewhat of the space itself. Since London itself is such an international city, I believe that the museum itself represented London through that aspect as well.


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