Royal Observatory

Chris Ciambor

August 12, 2013

It is common knowledge that for a time, England was the center of the world, a huge world power throughout the centuries, with a legacy that is felt to this day.  The Royal Observatory illustrates where England stood for centuries in the world of math, science and overall world dominance.

The Royal Observatory maps Englishness by showing the history of England as the center of the world.   The Royal Observatory made maps that made navigation easier. The brightest minds in existence worked to study astronomy and create navigational tools to assist England in world dominance.

There are also several references to Greenwich in City of the Mind. For instance, Matthew takes his daughter, Jane to a museum in Greenwich via boat. He goes here to find an image of a ship to put in a building. (pg. 46) There are also other references to different times such as that of the Blitz. (pg. 46)

Given all these references and the location of the prime meridian, it is quite clear that this location is a very important landmark within the city of London, and also one within the country of England itself. That is why I feel it is a good representation of Englishness and mapping Englishness.



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